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Arriving at the Camp-site


When you arrive, please access the show via the private camping gate, the camping entrance gate is located on More Lane, Esher, KT10 8AN

At the camping gate you will be presented with your camping pack. This includes: A rubbish bag, Camping wrist bands, map and camping T&C's

(To enter the show you will need a general admission ticket, these can be purchased on the day or in advanced)


Camping Facilities


-Use of the newly refurbished Golf Clubhouse at Sandown

Here you'll find all the necessary facilities:

-Cafe/Bar with lounge area

-Outdoor patio area

-Large flat screen TV showing live Sky Sports & BT Sports


-Private Entrance

Private entrance from the camp-site to the show.

-You will miss the queues at main reception

-you must have general admission wrist band
(these can be purchased at the gate for £15 each or £10 in advance)


-Private Car Park

You will miss the queues at the main car park and guarantee yourself a space.


-24 hour toilets, showers & security will be stationed at the car park





In order to make the campsite safe and enjoyable to all our visitors we ask that you take the time to read the below information.


• For safety of all visitors the site speed limit is a maximum of 5mph. We ask that you do not move vehicles unnecessarily once in position as this will reduce the risk of injury to others.


• Please can you keep music to a reasonable level, we have a noise curfew from 2359 each night.


• Lighting is provided in the campsite for your safety however this will be switched off at 0130 each morning.


• We understand that everyone is here for a good time but we do ask that you do not drink excessively, or cause any disruption to other visitors with disorderly behaviour.


• There will be a security team on site during the weekend to ensure all visitors are safe, however they reserve the right to ask visitors to leave if any behaviour is detriment to fellow campers or local residents.


• Camping wristbands must be worn at all times.  This will allow you smooth access to the campsite throughout the weekend and also acts as an access control measure to ensure that no unauthorised personnel come into the area.


• Due to safety reasons we are unable to allow open fires, fireworks, the use of drones or Chinese lanterns within the campsite. BBQ’s are allowable providing they are raised off the ground.


• The show itself is accessible via the small marquee in the campsite near the security hut, access will be from 1000 on Saturday and Sunday.  Should you have been given permission to access before this time please make yourself known to the security team who will give you permission.


• Bin bags have been provided and we ask that you use these and place them in the skips provided in the campsite or leave them at the road for collection.  Additional bags can be provided by the security team at the hut.


• Toilet and shower facilities are provided throughout the weekend for campers, please respect these facilities and leave them as you would expect to find them.  Should you need to report anything regarding these please see the security team.


• The Golf Centre Bar is available for campers to use throughout the weekend.  It will be open from 0830 on Saturday and 0800 on Sunday.


In case of emergency please see the security team who are available 24hrs a day.


We hope you have a fantastic weekend at the show.



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